2 Mind Blowing Diy Twine Crafts With Home Stuff

2 Mind Blowing DIY Twine Crafts with Home Stuff

So, you are suffering from cabin fever during these freezing days of the year? Don’t let the dullness and inactivity spoils your positivity and drives you up the wall, be creative and crafty! Well, that does not mean to pull extraordinary efforts, step out to bring a full list for the project or throw a lot of money on time-killing and being crafty; it is possible by searching out useless things hiding around the corners of your home and using them in little creative projects like DIY twine crafts for the time being.

Have you found twine lying there in your storeroom, waste stuff or godown? Excellent! Here are 2 wonderfully easy, inexpensive and mind blowing DIY twine crafts you can accomplish with home stuff.

1: Lantern Planter Holder
A superb idea to instill light, energy, vibrancy, colors, fragrance and life to your place through lantern planter holder! All you need consists of

  • Masking tape
  • Glass jars of any kind

With the help of masking tape, give the twine a shape matching the ancient lantern style with enough space to hold the glass jar available to you. Hang it in a sunny window and get warmth and light for your herby or rosy plant, avoid clumsy surfaces of floor and enjoy the beauty of nature.

2: Vas
Another cost-effective, brilliant idea to go crafty during dark evenings of the end of the year! The stuff you need for this project:

  • Any bottle lying waste in your store
  • Twine
  • Glue gun

With the help of hot glue gun, get the twine around the bottle in a way that it fully hides the bottle surface from all around. Put this one of the super simple and innovative DIY twine crafts ever in your room corner!

2 Mind Blowing DIY Twine Crafts with Home Stuff

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