Diy Teapot Planters Can Be A Matchless Beauty For Your Lawn Or Table

DIY Teapot Planters can be a Matchless Beauty for Your Lawn or Table

The gardening world is crazy after unusual planters nowadays. In today’s horticultural world, the ancient, traditional clay planters are giving way to new, stylish and DIY planters with functional features and personalization options to the taste of the person. Novelty, like all other fields of the life, has entered into the green world of trees, plants and flowers.

Everybody loves planters and natural beauty, but mostly people divert their attention thinking that in the absence of a garden, it is impossible to enjoy gardening, and the idea of unusual planters gets no spirit. But, be full of spirit, because it is possible to grow and enjoy natural greenery, colors and fragrances even without gardens. You can put your DIY planters like DIY teapot planters even in your bedroom to give it an artistic taste, aesthetic impression and warm feeling.

Yes, teapot planters as unusual planters are wonderful to beautify your place and simple to create.

All you need to do is to pick up old teapots and make a hole in the bottoms with the help of a drill machine and then put some gravel in each of them to cover that hole. After this take out your beloved plants from the planters with roots with care and put it on the gravel in the DIY teapot planters and set carefully.

Decorate these lovely DIY teapot planters in your bedroom, drawing room, planters stand in the yard or in the lawn. You will see how matchless their beauty is regardless of where you place them.

If you have more time and want to enlarge your project, pick up the matching cups with those teapots and make them planters with the same technique. Make a circle of the cup planters around the each matching teapot planter to beautify the place even more.

DIY Teapot Planters can be a Matchless Beauty for Your Lawn or Table

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    jo meyer husby

    I WOULD PLANT in a pot and not over water or just dump the drained water out. maybe something under it for moisture control. rather than dripping from holes at bottom of a tea pot.
    Love your tea pot look.

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