The Simplest Way To Prepare A Diy Telescope Most Inexpensively

The Simplest Way to Prepare A DIY Telescope Most Inexpensively

Galileo Galilee made a telescope to explore the heavens and dig out the hidden realities in space and remained successful. His DIY telescope project success means that it is not a herculean task, because there is a far cry from the scientist’s age to our present age. Today, we have lots of varied instruments to make scientific tools of complicated shape at home.

A telescope consists upon two major things; lenses and scope. These both things are available in offline and online market in variety. For example; the focal length of lenses can vary from budget to budget and shop to shop. It depends upon your need how much focal length you require. Similarly, magnification is another matter of consideration before you begin your DIY telescope project. It can also happen that the focal and length and magnification you require may not be available at the place you are familiar to purchase from. But, if you are looking for the easiest project to develop the simplest DIY telescope, you need not get confuse in the matter of suitable focal length and magnification. The minimum magnification and focal length are just suitable to prepare a telescope just similar to that ancient telescope progressed by the great scientist.

First of all, be considerate toward the making of a tube which carries two lenses at both ends. A cardboard tube is simple and perfect for a simple project of this kind. Purchase lenses of minimum focal length and set them on the both ends with great care of which side should face outward and which one should go inward. The eyepiece (Plano-concave lens) is a lens with one side straight and one side curved, place it in a direction that the straight side stays outward. The opposite lens is called concave-convex lens with the convex side facing outward direction and the curved surface hiding itself inside.

Place it on any DIY telescope stand and begin exploration!

The Simplest Way to Prepare A DIY Telescope Most Inexpensively

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