Tremendously Simple And Brilliant Diy Bottle Cap Projects For Beginners

Tremendously Simple And Brilliant Diy Bottle Cap Projects For Beginners

The nightmarish atmosphere of leisure days and inactivity can break your charming personality a lot, so why not kill the stillness and uniformity through crafty ideas? Yes, it is a wonderfully enjoyable fun, setting back is useless, try at least once, let your creativity enjoy simple outlets. If you are hesitating because you have never done such fun and crafty things that is not an issue! It is just a child’s play to produce simple products using stuff at home through DIY projects. Just think about only DIY Bottle cap projects, there will be lots of bottle caps in your home and the time to use them has come.

Here are 2 simplest and loveliest DIY bottle cap projects that you can handle superbly even if you are novice at do it yourself things.

1: Table Top
Table tops are all the rage. Each of us envies when looking at beautiful table tops of others and wishes to have one of this kind or even superior to boast among guests at parties. How inexpensive it is to fulfill your long-cherished desire only with the help of uselessly lying bottle caps in your house! Isn’t it? Surely, these colorful bottle covers will make a lovely and classy table top for you to have an air of pride among friends at parties!

2: Wind Chime
Break the ice of wintery evenings with melodious sound of wind chime made of bottle caps! Just search out a lot of them, combine and chain them one after another. Your beautiful, melodious and decorative wind chime is ready to break the stillness you are sick of. This one of the simplest and ideal DIY bottle cap projects will let you pass the boring moments in memorable fun, as well.

The Most Interesting, innovative and Beautiful DIY Rain Features for DIY Lovers

So, the rainy season is approaching, the spirit is high and DIY lovers are in quest of DIY rain features! Exactly, this is the time which compels not only DIY lovers, but also nature and art lovers to use their creative potential to hail the beautiful season and be crafty. So, let us learn the most novel ways to provide your garden with rain features – the charm it must not miss this year.

There are lots of fun ways to make wonderfully captivating rain features with stuff easily available at home, but here you will learn a few of the classiest, easiest and most wonderful ones.

First of all look at the space and style, because you can beautify your project result if you have clear idea of how you can use your yard for this purpose. For example; if you are trying to make a rain feature with watering cans and your yard has a concrete staircase you can complete your project through the use of this stair; just put one watering can on one step in a position that the rose or spout top throws the water line into the water can lying one step below. Hence, understanding the fact how you can use your yard to make DIY rain features will make your project even more fun and interesting.

Below are given the most innovative and interesting plans to create beautiful rain features for your yard:

  • Mostly people have old gutters in storage; if you are the lucky person, make wonderfully grand water features with them by fixing them on the wall and putting a can on the top.
  • You can also use old teapots to make magnificent and stylish rain features.
  • Use watering cans to make a beautiful rain fountain for the rainwater storage.

When the weather is on its bloom and the sky grows dim, when the wind blows wet petals of roses, enjoy the calming, relaxing and captivating scenes with these DIY rain features!

Tremendously Simple And Brilliant Diy Bottle Cap Projects For Beginners

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